Friday, October 10, 2014

Chinese Cuisine - Deluxe, Swatow, Ginger&Onion, Grand Lake, Dynasty, Toronto & Markham

The following Chinese restaurants use different images to depict male vs. female on their bathroom signs, often augmenting the signs with Chinese symbols of  for male and for female.

Deluxe Chinese Cuisine
8601 Warden Ave, Markham

Swatow is a restaurant often frequented by celebrity chef Susur Lee.

Swatow Restaurant
309 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Ginger & Onion Cusine is one of the few Chinese restaurants serving dim sum that still use push carts to display their offerings.  Most other restaurants have connverted to ordering items from a menu.

Ginger & Onion Cuisine
7131 Kennedy Rd, Markham

No Chinese symbols or English text, but the wardrobe images should make it obvious which sign signifies male vs female.

Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine & Banquet
8362 Kennedy Rd #8, Markham

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine is quite pricey for Chinese food, but what else would you expect from a restaurant located in the heart of Yorkville.  It is also the only Chinese restaurant I know that has an outdoor patio.

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine
69 Yorkville Ave, Toronto

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